Taming unruly grass is a breeze with the Trimtech 650 W and 900 W line trimmers.

Statement Trimtech 650 / 900 watt line trimmer
Let’s assume you’ve just wrapped up mowing your lawn, but now notice that the grass lining your walls and pathways has grown untidy. It’s time to put away the lawnmower and reach for a line trimmer, but with so many options out there, which one should you choose?

The Trimtech range includes the 650 W and 900 W line trimmers and the only difference between the two is the power of the motor. Geared towards light-duty domestic use, both models operate on the straightforward principle of ‘spin the line fast enough to trim the grass’. Because of this, these trimmers aren’t meant for heavy-duty garden tasks or tackling thick vegetation – they’re designed for tidying up edges around buildings, paving and flower beds in a domestic garden.

Statement Trimtech 650 / 900 watt line trimmer
Before we go any further, it can’t be emphasised enough how vital personal protective equipment (PPE) is, particularly eye protection. Line trimmers have the nasty habit of flinging debris at random and if they can crack a car windshield (it happens!), imagine what an errant stone could do to an eye! Always wear long pants, closed shoes and gloves also.

Using these trimmers is a breeze. Plug them into a Schuko socket extension lead, secure the cable using the ingeniously designed cable hook to prevent accidental disconnection, give the trigger a squeeze and off you go.

Both models can cut up to a 300 mm arc using 1.5 mm nylon string, reaching an impressive speed of 11 000 RPM When the nylon breaks, simply give a good firm knock against the ground and new line will be dispensed from the bump head.

Statement Trimtech 650 / 900 watt line trimmer
To maintain an even distance from walls and paved surfaces, use the roller guide on the front of the grass deflector. The adjustable front handle can be tailored to ensure the trimmer feels balanced in your hands, while the index finger trigger is conveniently accessible.

The only user-serviceable part on these trimmers is the bump head, which will eventually need to be filled with new line. Remember to unplug the unit before replacing the line, then simply squeeze and detach the head, then wind on the new line in line with the directional arrows. It’s important to add the same amount of line to both sides; an imbalance can cause long-term wear of the bearings.

Compact, lightweight and ideal for quick tasks around the home, these trimmers are available at Builders, either in-store or online at builders.co.za.

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