Every household needs cleaning products and with so many different surfaces in a home, what better cleaners than all-purpose cleaners.

Clean Day offers a range of all-purpose cleaners that will cover all your needs both inside and outside the home.

The multi-Surface cleaner – a true all-rounder– will make short work of most surfaces: from tiled, marble, granite or steel surfaces to upholstery, curtains and carpets. This includes ovens, pots and pans, walls, floors and outdoor furniture. The degreasing and foaming action actively removes stains, oils fats and dirt. The degreasing and foaming action actively removes stains, oils fats and dirt.

The All Purpose Cleaning cream is perfect for cleaning hard surfaces like walls, floors, counter tops, basins and baths. It can be diluted or applied with a damp cloth and then rinsed off leaving a clean shiny surface. This cleaning cream contains an abrasive agent which is perfect for removing stubborn dirt and build up from surfaces. It also comes in a lemon fresh and lavender fragrance.

The Thick Household All Purpose Bleach can be used undiluted to clean and disinfect toilets and drains or diluted to clean and disinfect floors, surfaces and even your cleaning cloths and sponges. The disinfecting properties kill bacteria and other microorganisms that cause disease and bad odours.

These products are all ammonia free and safe for household use, just be sure to read the instructions and safety tips on the bottles.

Clean Day all-purpose cleaners offers a great range of products to remove dirt and stains, leaving your home clean and safe for your family. These are just some of the cleaning products available at Builders, in-store or online at www.builders.co.za

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