Make pool maintenance easy, efficient and eco-friendly by following these steps 

Maintain levels

To prevent staining and damage to linings and fittings (use your test kit)

  • pH 7.2–7.6
  • Total Alkalinity (TA) 80–120ppm
  • Stabiliser < 50ppm
  • Chlorine 1–3ppm
  • Copper/Iron 0


Filtering may vary due to pool volume and pump/filter throughput

  • Summer 12 hours per night
  • Winter six to eight hours per night
  • Backwash every two weeks or when the automatic pool cleaner becomes sluggish
  • Rinse after backwashing

Remove debris

  • Clean pump and weir baskets
  • Brush pool walls and floors
  • Repeat weekly

Eco tips

Follow these steps to be more eco friendly and energy-efficient:
Your test kit is your friend – keep the chemistry right to avoid frustration and expense

  • A solar pool heater is an energy-efficient way to keep your pool warm.
  • The sun is more effective at warming a calm pool, so run your filter at night.
  • Put chlorine in your pool in the evenings, that way it can work without the sun’s UV rays, which neutralise the chlorine effect.
  • A bubble cover can help trap heat and minimise evaporation. It can decrease heat loss by as much as 90% and increase the temperature of your pool by 10 degrees, saving both water and energy.
  • Plants around the pool decrease water evaporation because they help absorb carbon dioxide in the air.
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