In this video Tanya Visser shows you how you can grow you own strawberries at home. You can grow the perfect strawberries whether you have a small garden or a big one.

  1. Start by preparing your potting soil. Use good quality potting soil and mix in two handfuls of slow release organic fertilizer, coconut husk, two handfuls of bone meal and two handfuls of vermiculite.
  2. Make sure the container you are using has sufficient drainage holes. Add drainage pebbles at the bottom of your container, or make use of some weed cloth to stop the soil from falling through the holes.
  3. Fill the container about 1/3rd with potting soil mixture.
  4. Remove strawberry plant from bag or pot and transfer to the prepared container. Continue to place the rest of the plants and fill up the gaps with more of your potting soil mixture.
  5. Water well and enjoy your strawberries!
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