Follow our guide on how to live your life more sustainably and lessen your impact on the environment.

Water Tanks

Waterwise Tips

Water is scarce and if you can find a way to collect and store it, you’ll reduce your municipal water consumption, save buckets of cash, and have fresh water for the garden.

Making lifetime purchases

The term ‘lifetime warranty’ often received flak from consumers, mainly for the nuanced language of the word ‘lifetime’. Multiple brands are bringing back the idea of a lifetime purchase. Retailers have rethought products so they can grow with the consumer and, in turn, last forever. For example a baby crib that converts as the child grows.

Water Tanks

The Go Water Purifier

Filtering your water provides you with cleaner, healthier water right from the tap in your own home. Filters harmful impurities and adds essential minerals.

Jugs and Water bottles

Clensui Jug Water Filters

Jugs and water bottles with filters are ideal to have at home, your office and are especially handy when travelling or camping. It allows you to have clean and healthy water wherever you go.

Reconsider the price of daily items

As the ‘buy it for life’ movement picks up steam, retailers, manufactures and consumers need to reconsider the price if everyday things. If the collective market has grown accustomed to a cycle of purchasing a coffeemaker for R1000 for example, only to throw it away a few years later and purchase another R1000 coffeemaker. The expectation around products’ lifecycles needs to change. Products should be beautiful, long-lasting and in-turn sustainable. Elevating an object, be it a broom, a coffeemaker or a bin, to the point where it is no longer a ‘throwaway’ piece. This could keep said objects out of landfills.

Solar security lights

Make your garden centre stage

Solar-powered floodlights are a great option as they will keep your yard well lit and safe, even if there is a power failure.

Rechargeable lights

Save energy in your home

Rechargeable lights are sometimes ideal and convenient because you can move them around according to your needs and mood.

Gift-free Holidays

Many consumers have embraced ‘no-gift holidays’. In addition to resisting consumerism and avoiding harming the environment, they want to spend less money on things. Many people feel pressured to overspend during holidays and often don’t enjoy the gifts they receive. People become surrounded by stuff and don’t want to accumulate more. Families trying out the no-gift tradition are spending more money on family time like family vacations or activities. People are moving towards opting for non-material things like home-cooked meals, music lessons and donations to charity.


2-Stroke and 4-Stroke to Suit Your Needs

Emergency back-up power really comes in handy when the electricity supply to your home goes out.


How to Choose Your Aircon

A power inverter, or inverter, is a power electronic device or circuitry that changes direct current to alternating current.

Productive Pets

With a surplus of land, many residents supplement their income with products made by their animals, like eggs, honey and milk for example. There is no data on the number of backyard chickens but chickens are quickly becoming pets in the same way that dogs and cats have been for generations. Many areas sell hen harnesses, chicken coops and chicken feed. Many homeowners are also learning how to keep bees as the beekeeping trade grows.

Gas Stoves

Make Your Kitchen More Eco-Friendly

A gas stove is clean and efficient, and one of the simplest sources of alternative energy.

Timers and Sensors

Install Your Own Alarm

Door and window sensors detect intruders before they enter the house, which makes them a particularly effective deterrent. Passive sensors come in a variety of types, the most common being Passive Infrared (PIR) sensors, which measure body heat. Others include motion detectors.

Foolproof Preserving

There is no better way to use the fruits and vegetables of a kitchen garden than canning and preserving. Food preservation techniques go well beyond canning and includes pickling and fermenting, something South Africans have been doing for generations. This requires jars, funnels, water, bath canners, rings and lids are all important in any kitchen. These items will also make good housewarming and holiday gifts. Homemade condiments can be spruced up with handmade or store-bought labels.

Plant & Grass seeds

The Gardener

Sowing seeds is an easy way to start a garden.

Smart Home

Yale Smart Home System

The Yale smart home hub is made up of several wireless accessories that connect wirelessly. The Yale app allows you to control the system remotely.


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