These practical tips and tricks will keep you snug throughout winter and save you money too.

As winter sets in and temperatures plummet, we tend to snuggle down in the warm cocoons of our homes. To make them even cosier, we’ve come up with six cost-effective tips that you can put into practise easily and, importantly, cheaply.

6 ways to beat the winter blues

1. Harness the sun’s heat

When the sun shines, take advantage of its warmth by opening curtains and windows that receive direct sunlight. This simple act allows natural heat to enter your home, creating a comfortable environment. Remember to close them before sunset to retain the captured warmth.

6 ways to beat the winter blues

2. Make the most of your heater

If you rely on heaters to warm your home, make sure that you’re getting the most out of them by improving circulation of the warm air. Move couches and other furniture items out of the way of the heaters to allow the heat to flow freely and warm the entire room. You don’t want to use all that energy just to warm the back of a couch!

6 ways to beat the winter blues

3. Keep out those draughts

Prevent cold air from seeping into your home by sealing gaps at the bottom of doors. A draught seal is an economical solution that effectively reduces heat loss by keeping warm air in and cold air out. Measure the width of the door, cut the draught seal to size and easily install it in a matter of minutes.
Another option is foam sealing tape, which is very effective at blocking gaps on doors or steel windows. Apply the foam sealing tape to the inside edges of the door or window frame to create a snug seal that will keep the cold at bay. These can be cut to size with a utility knife if needs be.

6 ways to beat the winter blues

4. Wrap up your geyser

During winter, your geyser works harder to maintain a constant water temperature. Conserve energy by covering it with IsoTherm thermal insulation or a Standard Geyser Blanket. These covers significantly reduce heat loss, keeping your water hot for longer, which means that your geyser doesn’t work as hard or use as much expensive electricity.

6 ways to beat the winter blues

5. Insulate your roof

IsoTherm thermal insulation can be used to wrap your geyser, but it’s really designed to insulate your roof. By placing it between the rafters, on top of ceiling boards, you can prevent heat from escaping through the roof, making for a warmer home and greatly reduced energy consumption. It also helps to keep your home cool in summer, so you benefit all year round.

6 ways to beat the winter blues

6. Insulate water pipes

To prevent heat loss from hot water pipes and to prevent the water inside them and cold-water pipes from freezing during cold snaps, use Thermoflex insulation. Simply wrap it around the exposed pipes, zip it closed and you’ll be saving energy and preventing frozen water and burst pipes.

Stay warm, stay comfortable, and save on your electricity bill with these six practical and affordable tips. Remember, everything we’ve mentioned in this blog is stocked by Builders, either in-store or online at

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