A chainsaw makes garden cutting tasks that much easier and when the chainsaw is cordless, it’s even better.

Einhell cordless chainsaw
A healthy trim for your trees not only keeps your outdoor space neat and well-groomed, it can even open up your view and expand your horizons. The right garden tools makes this task quick and effortless. One such tool is the GE LC 18/25 battery-operated chainsaw from Einhell, one of the many tools in the Power X Change Platform that is available at Builders.

One of the key advantages of opting for a battery-operated garden tool is the convenience it offers. With a cordless chainsaw like the GE LC 18/25, you can focus on the job at hand without being hindered by cables or power outages.

Before we delve deeper into the features of the GE LC 18/25, it’s crucial to emphasise the importance of personal protective equipment (PPE): always ensure that you have proper eye and ear protection, gloves and a safety hat before operating any garden power tool.

Einhell cordless chainsaw

The GE LC 18/25 features:

  • Oregon chain and bar: The chainsaw comes equipped with a top-quality Oregon-brand chain and bar for longevity and efficient cutting performance.
  • Tool-less chain tensioning: Adjusting the chain tension is quick and easy, you don’t need to carry a tool to do this.
  • Automatic lubrication: Keep the chainsaw in top-notch condition by maintaining proper lubrication. Simply pour chain bar oil into the reservoir and the chainsaw will lubricate itself while running.
  • Safety first: The chainsaw is designed with safety in mind – it features a metal claw to keep the machine stable while you work and a brake stop that automatically stops and turns off the machine when activated.
  • Comfortable design: The soft grip handles are ergonomically designed to make it comfortable to hold the chainsaw for extended periods. The trigger and safety button are conveniently located on the handle for easy access. The saw is also well balanced to reduce user fatigue.
  • Power X-Change platform: The GE LC 18/25 uses an 18 V battery from the Power X-Change Platform. The beauty of this platform lies in its interchangeability – a single battery can be used with all the garden and power tools in the Einhell Power X-Change range. While this chainsaw is sold without batteries and chargers, you can choose from a range of battery options, such as 2.0, 2.5, 4.0 or2 Ah, or the adjustable 5 – 8 Amp hour battery.
Einhell cordless chainsaw
The Einhell GE LC 18/25 battery-operated chainsaw is an excellent choice if you’re a gardening enthusiast looking for a convenient, reliable and portable chainsaw. Whether you’re trimming trees, cutting firewood or cutting DIY timber, the GE LC 18/25 will make your gardening tasks a breeze.

To get your hands on the GE LC 18/25 chainsaw and other Einhell battery-powered gardening tools, head to Builders, either in-store or online at builders.co.za.

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