Black mould is an unsightly problem in bathrooms as well as a health hazard. Get rid of it and keep it gone.

Mould Buster

Bathrooms are sanctuaries where we refresh and unwind, but they can also be breeding grounds for unsightly and potentially harmful black mould.

Water from baths and showers condenses on bathroom walls, which sometimes never really dry out, and this creates the perfect condition for mould to grow, especially when compounded by poor ventilation. This persistent problem demands a robust solution and that’s where products like Mould Buster come into play.

Mould Buster
Mould Buster is an industrial-strength spray containing high concentrations of bleach and is designed to kill and remove mould. However, due to its potency, proper precautions are necessary: wear old clothes (bleach stains!), gloves and eye protection to safeguard against accidental spills or splashes.

Applying Mould Buster is straightforward: spray it onto the affected area and allow it to penetrate and destroy the mould at the roots. After spraying, leave the Mould Buster on to do its work.

Mould Buster
After allowing Mould Buster to work its magic, some areas might require additional scrubbing to fully eradicate stubborn mould patches. Also remember that cleaning not just the tiles but also the grout lines, shower corners, door edges, and around fixtures is crucial for a thorough cleanse. These areas are often overlooked during regular cleaning but are hotspots for mould growth. An old toothbrush is a handy tool for cleaning grout lines and tight corners. After scrubbing, rinse the areas with clean water.

Once the mould is removed, maintaining a clean, mould-free bathroom is the next challenge. Regular cleaning with a diluted solution of Mould Buster can prevent mould from taking hold again. Keeping the bathroom well-ventilated and dry, particularly after use can significantly reduce the likelihood of mould reappearing.

Mould Buster
To improve ventilation, open windows and doors to allow fresh air to dry out the bathroom. Leaving a bathroom full of steam unnecessarily is an open invitation for black mould to grow. Installing an extractor fan that is linked to the light switch and leaving it running for a while after your shower, will also assist in reducing the high levels of humidity.

Ceilings are also particularly prone to mould growth, so special attention is needed for them. After cleaning with Mould Buster, painting with mould-resistant paint can provide a durable barrier against future outbreaks. Products like Fired Earth Kitchen and Bathroom paint, designed for humid environments and containing mould-inhibiting biocides, offer an effective preventative measure.

Mould Buster
Black mould is a tough problem to deal with, but with the right approach you can get on top of it. Through diligent cleaning, proper use of effective products like Mould Buster and adopting preventative strategies like ventilation, maintaining a clean, healthy bathroom is doable.

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