Loadshedding isn’t going anywhere, so we might as well gear up to live without it.

Lalela Lithium Inverter Trolley 1KVA 1024Wh
We all know the frustration of loadshedding and its effect on both our work and home lives. That said, there are some great new products that help to minimise the impact loadshedding has. Builders now stocks the Lalela range of power solution products, and perhaps the most impressive of them all is the Lalela lithium-ion 600-Watt inverter trolley.

An inverter is a device that converts the DC electrical current produce by a battery into the AC current that all your regular home appliances operate on. This allows you to store mains power in a battery, and then use it when mains power is off.

Lalela Lithium Inverter Trolley 1KVA 1024Wh

This inverter trolley combines an inverter with a 1024-watt-hour lithium-ion battery to give you a power solution that will provide the power you need when you need it. It is an easy-to-use plug-and-play solution: simply plug the inverter input into your mains plug socket to charge and plug an extension cord into the inverter’s output socket to power the equipment you want to use during loadshedding. That’s it – done. And if you want to move the unit around, it’s on wheels to make this painless.

Lalela Lithium Inverter Trolley 1KVA 1024Wh

The unit makes use of the safest and most advanced lithium technology, LiFePO4 lithium-ion phosphate batteries, which have a far superior lifespan and charging time. Traditional lead-acid batteries of this size take up to 13 hours to charge and are designed to last about 150 cycles. The lengthy charge time means that they often don’t have time to charge between loadshedding cycles. Modern lithium-ion batteries, however, take just 5 – 6 hours to charge and will last over 2000 cycles before they give diminishing returns. With the current loadshedding situation, a battery with a 150-cycle lifespan will last just a few months, while a 2000-cycle battery will last over 7 years.

Lalela Lithium Inverter Trolley 1KVA 1024Wh
In terms of power output, this Lalela unit is capable of powering your laptop for 20 hours, or your TV and decoder for over 5 hours, so it has more than enough oomph to get you through stage 6 loadshedding. If you plug more appliances into the inverter, though, the run-time will reduce accordingly.

Lalela has two other models in the Lithium Inverter range, should you require more or less power than the unit discussed here. If you have questions regarding which unit would best suit you, the friendly and knowledgeable staff at Builders will be happy to assist you.

Builders has a wide range of loadshedding solutions, available in-store or online at builders.co.za.

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