Aquapel from Duram is a Siloxane water repellent that repels moisture, dirt and stains.

Duram’s Aquapel can be used for:

  • Face brick walls and facades
  • Natural stone, marble and granite cladding
  • Cement plaster, cement bricks, fibre-cement and concrete structures
  • Clay surfaces
  • Calcium silicate, kiln masonry, terrazzo, lime sandstone

Aquapel works because

  • It penetrates the surface, lining the capillaries thus preventing the absorption of water.
  • It repels moisture, dirt and stains.
  • It dries to a clear finish and does not change the appearance of the surface to which it is applied.
  • It prevents efflorescence.
  • It penetrates and protects the surface.
  • It’s easy to apply by spray or brush, dries quickly.
  • It slows the growth of fungus and mould.
  • It prevents face brick from discolouring due to weathering.
  • It allows the surface to breathe and expel moisture.
Duram Aquapel
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