Fired Earth Ultra Pave can revitalise your tired pavers, giving them a new colour and extending their lifespan.

Fired Earth Ultra Pave
Many homes have paved areas such as courtyards, driveways or walkways made of pavers. But, as time goes by, trends change. You might look for a simple and more cost-effective way to give the paving a new look, without the cost and effort of replacing it. This is when you should consider using Fired Earth Ultra Pave, a water-based paint specifically designed for paving.

Ultra Pave is a high-quality acrylic polymer paint that offers excellent abrasion resistance. It dries to a low sheen finish and exhibits outstanding resistance to weathering and UV damage. While Ultra Pave can be used on concrete, new concrete should be allowed to cure for approximately two months before painting. It can also be used on new or previously painted plaster, provided that proper preparation is done. Always refer to the application instructions on the container and plan your painting project for a sunny day.

Fired Earth Ultra Pave
A clean paver is crucial to ensure that Ultra Pave adheres properly and prevents future peeling. Pavers are often surrounded by gravel or some other material – clean away as much as possible and set it aside before cleaning to make painting easier. Whether you clean by hand or with a high-pressure cleaner, it is essential that the pavers are completely dry before applying any product.

For porous surfaces like these pavers, start by applying a coat of Fired Earth Bonding liquid. This water-based penetrating bonding sealer is tailor-made for friable surfaces, including gypsum and cement. The bonding liquid enhances the substrate’s strength, ensuring optimal durability for the finishing coats and creates a layer to which Ultra Pave can adhere. Applying the bonding liquid is straightforward – simply use a roller or a paintbrush and allow it to dry for at least four hours. (However, the bonding liquid needs to be painted with a topcoat within seven days.)

Fired Earth Ultra Pave

Once the bonding liquid has dried completely, apply the Fired Earth Ultra Pave with a paintbrush. The spread rate of Ultra Pave is approximately 7 – 10 m² per litre per coat, depending on the substrate and surface porosity. When dealing with a rough surface, ensure that the paint reaches all the grooves for full coverage. On a sunny day, Ultra Pave will need to dry for at least 6 hours before you can apply the second coat. The second coat will take between 48 and 72 hours to be fully cured. Clean your brushes and trays with water before the paint dries. Once everything is dry, replace the gravel and tidy up the area.

Fired Earth Ultra Pave
Your pavers will look brand new thanks to just a coat of Fired Earth Ultra Pave.

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