Discourage unwanted pests or encourage useful bugs by adding these species as companions; they’re nature’s helpers.

Garlic and chillies

Most bugs hate the smell of these two plants. They’re very useful against aphids. Plant them between rows of vegetables or among roses.

Parsley and marigolds

Parsley and marigolds are great companions for asparagus as they repel asparagus beetle.


Wasps have a bit of a bad name, but they’re a vital part of a healthy ecosystem and they’re great to keep plant-eating pests away. Dill attracts beneficial insect-eating wasps and is a useful companion for broccoli. It’s also useful planted close to carrots as it makes carrot flies particularly unhappy.

Winter savory

An excellent companion plant, winter savory helps to keep aphids and mildew at bay. It works well with beans and roses.

General helpers

Generally good in the garden are calendula, lavender, marigolds, nasturtiums, parsley, garlic, thyme and wild garlic and you can intersperse them among your beds.

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