Consider these 6 points when choosing paint for exterior walls,

Not all paints are created equal. It’s not a good idea to slap any old thing on outside walls – the elements, UV rays, fungus, mould and wear and tear will all take their toll. If you haven’t used the correct product, before you know it, you’ll need to paint again. Here’s how to choose the right paint for your needs.

1. Stand the test

Painting the outside of your home is a big job so you want to choose paint that will last. Reputable paint brands often come with a guarantee, which can offer some peace of mind when embracing the hefty undertaking of painting your home. Plascon products come with a 12- to 15-year guarantee, Dulux guarantees for 10 years, Fired Earth for seven to 10 years and Duram Flexiwall for five.

2. The finish

Rough, gritty, sandstone or smooth… choosing a paint is more than just about colour. Next to colour, the finish is the other decision you need to make about how your walls will look. Standard options are usually either matt or low-sheen, although many of the brands, such as Fired Earth, do have some more exciting options including granular, suedette and sandstone effect.

3. Easy to Clean

If you live in a particularly dusty or grimy area, dirt resistance may be an important quality in the paint you choose. Certain paints include dirt barrier technology, which makes it easier to keep your walls clean. Plascon’s Wall & All formula of acrylic polymers and fungicide make it particularly resistant to dirt, while Dulux’s Wallguard, Duram’s Endure and Fired Earth’s Ultimate Coat are also easy to wash and resistant to stains.

4. The elements

Do you stay in a damp, rainy area? Is it very windy, or extremely hot? The elements that your paint is exposed to will play a large role in what formula will work best for you. Products such as Fired Earth Severe Weather, Dulux Weatherguard, or Plascon Micatex are excellent options for walls that will be exposed to harsh elements. They contain ingredients such as quartz and mica which give strength, durability and flexibility, helping to provide a weatherproof barrier over your walls.

5. The surface

While walls are usually the primary concern, don’t neglect the window frames, doors, railings and balconies. They also need protection against hard wear and harsh elements. Products such as Dulux Woodgard Exterior Double Life Timbavarnish, Plascon Woodcare Sunproof Varnish and Fired Earth Velvet Wood are good options in this regard.

Top Tip: Apply paint in thin coats to get a good penetration of paint into the wood.

6. Banish damp

Certain products are specially designed for if you have a damp problem in your walls. It is important to appropriately prepare the area before repainting and a damp specialist is often best for this part of the job. When it comes to the painting, consider products such as Duram’s Flexiwall, which is both effective at waterproofing, as well as being mould and fungus resistant, or Plascon’s Wallseal renowned for its waterproofing properties.

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