If you can’t buy it, build it! Giving your plain closet doors a luxury make over doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Get creative with two ceiling medallions and some paint to give them new life.

Materials you will need:

  • Fired Earth Matt Walls Paint Curcumuca Petiolata (2.5 ℓ)
  • Fired Earth Chalk Paint French Blue (1 ℓ)
  • SMART Decorators Caulk White (280 ml)
  • Builders Pride Mushroom Knob Brass (30 mm)
  • Upper Edge Small Roman Polyurethane Ceiling Medallion (320 mm)
  • Bosch GSR 1440 Cordless Drill Driver
  • Bosch 34 Piece X Line Drill/Screwdriver Bit Set

Step 1

Paint the first coat on the inside and outside of the cupboard. Allow to dry.

Step 2

Paint the second coat inside and outside. Allow to dry.

Step 3

Mark the centre of the medallion. Drill a hole through the medallion on the mark. Put caulk around and in the middle of the medallion.

Step 4

Place the medallion on to the cupboard door. Drill a hole through the centre in to the cupboard door, but not through it, and screw the medallion to the cupboard door with a wood screw. Repeat on the other door, and allow the caulk to dry.

Step 5

Paint first coat on medallions, and allow to dry. Paint second coat on medallions, and allow to dry.

Step 6

Place a knob in the centre of the medallion, and mark drill holes. Drill holes on marks.

Step 7

Place knob over holes, and screw in screws.

Enjoy your closet

Now your DIY is complete and you can start using your newly furnishes closet.


Here is a look at the closet before the makeover.

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