Have a collection of cork you are ready to use? Make your own coasters from wine corks in just a few easy steps.

You will need:

  • cork tile
  • wine corks
  • craft knife
  • ruler
  • glue gun
  • sander

Step 1

To make the base:
Measure out cork tiles into 90x90mm segments. You can also use thick cardboard or timber.

Step 2

Use a ruler as a straight edge and cut to size.

Step 3

Use hot glue or wood glue and join 2 pieces together.

Step 4

Cut the wine corks in half, making sure to keep them all level. You will need 4 corks for each coaster.

Step 5

Arrange the corks into position on the base and secure with hot glue or wood glue.

Step 6

Trim off any excess glue and use a sander to smooth the edges.

You’re done! Time to now enjoy your beautiful DIY cork coasters.

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