Spice up picture frames with this easy project. Use patterned duct tape to give frames an instant makeover

Skill rating: 1 (easy)

Materials you will need:

  • Three rolls of duct tape
  • Three picture frames
  • Craft knife or box cutter
  • Children’s drawing

Step 1

Tape the top of your frame with the duct tape and make sure to let it hang over the inner and outer edges slightly.

Step 2

Fold the tape over the edge (front and back) and tuck the edges as if you were covering a book.

Step 3

Lift the top section of duct tape and cut along the frame’s 45 ̊angle corner to mimic the edge of a frame.

Top tip: Duct tape is available in a variety of colours and patterns. It’s a wonderful product as it’s not a permanent fixture and can be lifted and reapplied if you go a bit skew.

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