How to pick colours for your space.

  1. Find inspiring images and objects: Books, magazines, image downloads, post cards, menus, buttons, wrapping paper, fabric, rugs, packaging – if it inspires you, use it.
  2. Compare: Narrow your chosen images and objects down to one or two of your favourite things. Compare them with paint colour samples; choose an extra match, a lighter and darker sample and one that looks toned-down. Notice how some colours jump out, while some recede. Some seem murky and some clear. Don’t forget to take samples that vary subtly from one another.
  3. Trust your instinct: Pick the first colour you see that feels right, as one of your test colours – even if it doesn’t form part of your inspiration. Then pick out two or three additional colours that depart only slightly from your favourite.
  4. Test: If you can, test an empty space by gathering the rugs, fabrics, art, lamps and anything else that’s relevant together, to test against your chosen paint colour. This will help you see what works best in the space.
  5. Don’t give in: If your choices aren’t working, don’t be afraid to simply repeat the process with new images and objects and try again.

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