Round Corners

Usually used with mirrors and picture frames for aesthetic purposes. Affected corners need to be indicated and a rough radius of the corners needs to be supplied.

Corner cut-outs

Ideal for shelving. Used when the glass shelves need to fit into a cabinet with corner supports.

Other cut-outs

Used when electrical plugs or wires need to be accommodated. Not recommended for laminated glass.

Drilling holes

Ideal for mirrors when they need to be fastened to a wall or when ventilation is needed in a cabinet. Not recommended for laminated glass. Hole sizes and placement of the holes must be specified.


Used to create safety glass from float glass for use on table-tops, shower doors, cabinets and shelving. 10-day preparation time.

Plain sandblasting

Sandblasting renders the glass opaque. One side of the glass has a rough texture. Ideal for cabinets and shower doors.


An electric sander is used to take the sharp edge off the glass. This makes it easier and safer to handle. It also decreases the chance of glass cracking from the edge and is highly recommended for all laminated and high-performance glass.

Patterned sandblasting

Creates an aesthetic pattern on mirrors and glass. Ideal for cabinets and entrance doors. The pattern must be supplied and any special requirements e.g blank border.

Hard arrissing

An electric sander is used to smooth the sides of the glass, ensuring safe use on table-tops, shelves and around the house.

Cutting shapes

We cut all shapes – irregular, circular, triangular, rectangular, square and oval. In order to cut the irregular shapes, a template is required.

Re-sizing of glass

If required, we cut our previously-sold glass smaller at a small extra cost, typically because it was measured incorrectly or for a new application.

Specialised glass cutting and mirror finishing services

At Builders we offer professional:

  • Cutting to custom size
  • Sandblasting
  • Arrissing and edge-sanding
  • Light edge polishing
  • Drilling holes
  • Glass toughening
  • Cut-outs in glass
  • Rounded corners
  • Cutting irregular shapes according to a template
  • Cutting circles and triangular-shaped glass
Glass Cutting Shapes
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