Save water in the garden with a thirst-free pot.

With gardeners being forced to save every drop of water, we need to look at some hardy, tough planting options that don’t have a thirst. This pot recipe does just that with drought-tolerant plants and good soil preparation.

What you need:

  • 1 bucket potting soil
  • ½ block of coco peat, reconstituted in water
  • 2 cups vermiculite
  • A handful of organic pellets like Bio Ocean
  • A handful of bonemeal or superphosphate
  • A handful of water-retaining granules like Wonder Stockosorb Waterwise Crystals
  • Gravel for drainage
  • A suitable container – we used a wide-mouth terracotta pot
  • A selection of hardy plants
  • Gravel mulch

Step 1

Mix all your soil ingredients together – the potting soil, coco peat, vermiculite, organic pellets, bonemeal and water-retaining granules.

Step 2

Add a layer of gravel to the bottom of the pot to help with drainage, and fill the pot halfway up with the soil mix.

Step 3

Place the plants in the pot and fill in with extra soil mix, then press down.

Step 4

Top with a layer of gravel mulch and water well. After that you only need to water once a week.

Step 5

Feed once a week with a liquid fertiliser to keep the plants in top shape.

The plants

Kalanchoe thyrsiflora

A succulent perenniall that does not require much attention in a sunny dry garden.

Sedum tetractinum ‘Coral Reef’

This drought-tolerant plant has attractive green foliage that turns reddish bronze in autumn.


These come in a range of brightly coloured daisy-like flowers that bloom for long periods and do well as a water-wise groundcover.

Euphorbia ‘Diamond Frost‘

A pretty, delicate-looking plant that is tough as nails, ‘Diamond Frost’ requires little water and will do well in sun or shade.

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