Want tub that looks brand new? Follow these steps to care and maintain for your bathtub at home.

Tip 1

To preserve the polished gloss surface of your bath, clean with a soft cloth and warm soapy water or liquid detergent.

DO NOT use powders, pastes, solvent chemicals, window cleaning sprays or dry cleaning fluids as these will depassivate the surface permanently and could result in staining.

Tip 2

Light scratches and cigarette burns may be removed by sanding them out with 1200 grit water paper and then polishing with Brasso or any other polishing compound to bring up the natural gloss.

Tip 3

Deep scratches, chips and deep burn marks may be repaired using an acrylic repair kit. Repair kits are not intended to repair structural damage to the fiberglass reinforcement or acrylic surface.


Courtesy: Cobra

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