Quick, easy and so pretty! Make a cake stand from a selection of floral plates to display your cupcakes beautifully. This would also make a lovely gift.

Materials you will need:

  • large plate
  • small plate
  • saucer
  • two sherry glasses in different sizes
  • strong glue that dries transparent
  • white vinegar

Step 1

Wash the crockery in white vinegar and lukewarm water to remove any oiliness, then dry. Mark the centre of each plate.

Step 2

Apply glue to the rim of the larger glass – we used Alcolin MS37 Clear Adhesive and Sealant.

Step 3

Turn the glass over and stick it in position in the middle of the large plate. We stuck our bottom glass on upside down, but you can stick it on right side up, if you prefer.

Step 4

Apply some glue to the bottom of the glass and stick the small plate onto it. Stick the rim of the smaller glass to the back of the saucer.

Step 5

Now glue the bottom of the smaller glass to the middle of the small plate. Leave the cake stand to dry completely before you use it.


Referenced from Gallo images / IDEAS Magazine

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