Don’t let loadshedding stop you from working.

Lalela Laptop Power Bank
Have you ever found yourself in the middle of an important work project on your laptop, only to have loadshedding stop you dead? If you’re like me, you’ve experienced this frustrating scenario far too many times.

While power banks are a popular solution for charging cellphones, they often fall short when it comes to powering larger devices like laptops. That’s where the Lalela Laptop Power Bank comes in – it is a battery for your battery that can keep your laptop running all the way through loadshedding.

With a capacity of 64,750 milliWatt hours, the Lalela Laptop Power Bank can handle even the most power-hungry devices, including laptops and tablets. Plus, with a variety of connectors included in the kit, it can cater to almost any type of laptop. The power bank charges via a supplied power supply and features a Type C port, a USB port and a DC output at 19.5 V or 24 V, both at 3 amps.

Lalela Laptop Power Bank
Using this power bank is easy – simply turn it on with the press switch on the side and connect it to your laptop. The power bank has four LED lights to indicate the remaining battery life, and it can be stored in a fully charged state to prolong its lifespan. While run time varies depending on how much power your laptop is using, it generally lasts around two and a half hours. For laptops with power-hungry internal components, switching to an optimised power mode is recommended to extend run time.

But what about other devices, like routers and ONTs (Optical Network Terminals) that also need to be powered during loadshedding? Lalela has you covered there too with their WiFi UPS, a handy device that can power both your router and ONT together. With these two devices powered, you don’t have to let loadshedding get in the way of working or streaming your favourite shows.

So if you’re tired of being interrupted by load shedding, consider investing in a Lalela power bank and WiFi UPS to keep your devices powered and your work uninterrupted. Lalela products are available at Builders, both in-store and online at

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