To ensure that the pre-school has a safe and conducive learning environment for learners, Builders Midrand is supporting Mma bana Pre-school with equipment required and recommended renovations to meet the government requirements and standards.

Situated in Ebony Park, Mma bana Pre-school is a member of HOPE Worldwide’s ECD Network. One of the network’s primary goals is to assist ECD Centre’s in meeting the Government Norms and Standards. The Centre’s location is 5.4 km off from the Builders Warehouse store that will be opening on the 26 of March 2021. This Centre is looking after children of parents who live in Ebony Park.

Taking the total number of Builders stores to 110 in South Africa, the store promises customers a complete shopping experience through online integration, improved departmental adjacencies and new services that delivers a seamless shopping experience. Customers visiting the store can look forward to an incredible store layout and floor plan totaling 4625 square meters, an external dispatch yard of 8307sqm and a 560sqm garden centre.

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