‘Builders Cement’, a locally manufactured private brand from one of South Africa’s leading DIY retailers, will officially re-launch nationwide at the end of August 2022. Available exclusively at all Builders stores in the country, this local cement brand offers customers exceptional quality and value.

“We know how much our customers trust the quality of our Private Brand products, and that combined with our favourable pricing structure, and local manufacturing, makes Builders Cement the right product choice for South Africans,” says Munier Solomon, Marketing Operations Manager at Builders. “Another factor is that this cement can be used for a variety of applications as it is a multipurpose cement. These include road projects, general building, brick-working, concrete pot manufacturing and other art interests such as sculpture,” adds Solomon.

Builders’ partners with local manufacturer
To produce and supply the cement, Builders has partnered with local cement manufacturer, Cemza. Based in the Eastern Cape, Cemza in partnership with global producer, Heidelberg Cement, is the largest manufacturer of quality cement.

There will be two locally produced variants available to customers at all Builders stores, both of which comply with the ISO 9001 and 14001 standards. The 32.5N bag will be available first and can be used for several applications including domestic concrete work to large building projects, as well as being cost effective for all masonry and plaster applications. A key feature is the fineness of this product which improves workability and cohesion. Later in the year Builders will roll out the 42.5N, which can be used for domestic general use and major developments, building projects, civil and construction concrete, mortar and plaster applications.

“The current cement landscape provides Builders with a strategic role to play due to the competitive market and pricing strategy in the industry, as the demand for core construction products continues to increase across the commercial, property, and infrastructure sectors. Our capability to produce high volumes at an affordable price means all customers can reduce their operational costs without compromising on the quality. Through our partnership with Cemza, we can also guarantee consistent supply,” adds Solomon.

Builders Cement is easy on the environment

Builders Cement is easy on the environment

Concrete is the most consumed substance after water, and it requires high amounts of energy to produce. The environmental impact results in a carbon footprint that accounts for approximately 5% – 8% of global CO2 emissions, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA).

Cemza’s products have lower carbon footprint due to vertical roller mill technology used in their advanced grinding mill in the country. This is due to the enhanced extender (limestone/slag) substitution of anything between 35 – 70% in a range of their products.

This makes Builders Cement an environmentally friendly product. In addition, it is an innovative offering for customers and businesses who face high operational costs and price increases across the construction sector. It is produced locally, therefore offers better value for customers by saving them money and time.


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