When you need something special for a feature wall, reach for Fired Earth Granular Coat.

Get started with Fired Earth Multi Grip Primer
There are so many incredible paint products available these days – it’s almost impossible to decide which one is the answer to your particular situation. But if you’re looking to create a feature wall with an interesting, arresting texture, Fired Earth Granular Coat is definitely a product you should investigate.

A premium, rough-textured acrylic coating, Granular Coat creates an unusual, aesthetically-striking granular effect and natural matte finish. When dry it looks almost sandy or gritty and is available in a number of natural hues, including Powdery Dune, Grey Grit, Khaki Shell, Subtle Stone, Clay Art and Dried Ochre.

Designed for both interior and exterior use, Granular Coat is an extremely durable and long-lasting protective coating. And because of its thick consistency, it fills hairline cracks and disguises minor surface blemishes well.

Fired Earth Granular Coat
Like all Fired Earth products, this is a top-quality product – it’s UV and weather resistant, as all exterior paints should be and has excellent qualities of adhesion and opacity. This means that it sticks well to plaster and other surfaces including wood. It also produces a uniform colour with just two coats.

When using Granular Coat, bear in mind that it has spread rate of one to three square meteres per litre per coat, depending on the type of substrate and surface porosity. It is a water-based paint, so clean-up is easy and doesn’t require any harmful chemicals.

When applying Granular Coat, start by washing the wall about to be painted and letting it dry. Apply a coat of Fired Earth Multi Grip Primer – we always recommend using a good primer to ensure the paint job looks as good and lasts as long as possible.

Get started with Fired Earth Multi Grip Primer
When the primer is dry, it’s time to apply the first coat of Granular Coat. Use a roller for the first coat. This is the quickest, easiest way to apply paint and will give a good finish. This paint is incredibly thick and gritty but goes on well with a roller. Let it dry before applying the second coat.

The granular nature of this paint doesn’t allow the second coat to be applied with a roller – the first coat is simply too rough for a good finish. Instead, use a new block brush for the second coat and apply it uniformly with care for an outstanding finish.

Fired Earth Granular Coat is covered by Fired Earth’s industry-leading 10-year guarantee and is available in both 5 L and 20 L sizes. This is a unique product that lends itself to great feature walls and even helps to cover visual imperfections – it’s much more than just a paint! The entire range of Fired Earth paints and painting products is available from Builders, both in-store and online at builders.co.za.

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