The importance of surface preparation can’t be overstated and good quality products such as this make it so much easier.

Get started with Fired Earth Multi Grip Primer
When it comes to home improvement projects, it’s easy to get excited about the final result – a beautifully painted room or a freshly coated exterior. However, seasoned DIY enthusiasts and professional painters know that the key to a flawless finish lies in the often-overlooked step of surface preparation. One product that stands out in this regard is the Fired Earth Multi Grip Primer, a premium quality, pure acrylic, multi-surface primer.

Surface preparation can be time consuming, but skipping it can have a significant impact on the end result. Whether you’re working on interior or exterior surfaces, ensuring the durability and quality of your paint job starts with meticulous surface preparation. The Fired Earth Multi Grip Primer is designed to help you achieve just that, providing a high-quality foundation for most quality decorative paints.

If you’re prepping fresh plaster, give it a few weeks to dry and then it’s time to prepare it for painting.

Get started with Fired Earth Multi Grip Primer
The first step is to mask off any areas you want to avoid painting and lay down a drop sheet to protect your floor from paint splatters. Next, open the can of Fired Earth Multi Grip Primer and give it a good stir. Using primer is essential because different areas of the plaster could absorb paint differently, due to variations in porosity. By applying a primer, you create a uniform surface for the top coat, ensuring a more even and professional finish that helps prevent paint flaking in future.

One of the benefits of this primer is its white colour, making it an ideal base for a light-coloured top coat. It dries quickly and can be overcoated in just six to eight hours, but be sure to complete the top coat within 48 hours for best results. The Fired Earth Multi Grip Primer boasts superior adhesion qualities and is virtually odourless, and suitable for indoor use. Even though this primer is white, don’t be tempted to use it as a top coat.

Get started with Fired Earth Multi Grip Primer
Application is straightforward, with a quality roller for flat surfaces and a brush for precision work along edges. Once the primer has dried, you can apply your chosen top coat for a professional, long-lasting finish.

What makes the Fired Earth Multi Grip Primer truly versatile is its compatibility with various materials. These include PVC gutters and downpipes, melamine, masonry, plaster, concrete, fibre cement, certain metals, wood and brick surfaces.. For timber surfaces, a light sanding and dust removal are necessary before applying the primer.

Clean-up is a breeze – because it is water-based, you simply rinse brushes and rollers with water.

Preparation is key in attaining a good paint finish and Fired Earth Multi Grip Primer makes this so much easier. Fired Earth Multi Grip Primer and the rest of the top-quality Fired Earth range is available from Builders, both in-store and online at

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