In addition to defending your home, nourishing and providing the best care for your houseplant is next on our list.

We break down the basics for newbie plant parents and for experienced plant lovers with some new solutions to try.

Pest Control Handbook indoor plant care


Keep your plants in check, pluck off dying leaves and deadhead flowers as needed. To control disease and pests, use Efekto Garden Gun.

Get The Right Conditions

Every plant has its unique sunlight requirements. Plants will either need bright direct light (think sunlight from a sunny window) or indirect filtered light (like sunlight through a curtain or light from a bulb). Most houseplants can be grouped into three categories:

  • High light – 6 or more hours a day.
  • Medium light – 4 to 6 hours a day.
  • Low light – less than 3 hours a day.

Make sure to research your plants’ individual needs for the best light source and provide a minimum temperature of 12°C, with good airflow. Also, be sure to give them an occasional quarter each week for even growth.

Creating the perfect growing medium includes some carefully chosen elements. Typically, these include equal parts peat moss, vermiculite or perlite, and compost. Then, for added water retention, add Wonder Waterwise Crystals to the potting mix. This solution reduces the plant’s need for frequent waterings by using a polymer that increases the water-retention capacity of the soil.
Pest Control Handbook indoor plant care

Watering and nourishment
A saying to keep in mind – plants don’t want ‘wet feet! This translates to keeping a healthy balance of moist, but not saturated soil.


The most accurate watering assessment?
Testing by weight. Pick up the container of the plant and see how much it weighs. The lighter it is, the more it needs watering, Most houseplants prefer being slightly dry to soaking wet.

Water about once or twice a week for most plants. This involves watering thoroughly, but infrequently. Pour water onto the soil at a slow, deliberate pace, until the water starts escaping from the container’s drainage holes. We also recommend watering plants once a week with a solution of water and Wondersol All Purpose. The product is an organically based growth stimulant, suitable for all plants.


When the temperatures start to rise, increase the frequency of your waterings and switch over to Wondersol Colour Boost. The uniquely balanced plant food liquid contains micro and macro-nutrients for growing healthy plants and flowers. You can apply the product to the root system or directly onto the leaves, depending on the needs of the plant. Then, during colder seasons, only water a few times a month.


Referenced from Efekto, Annual Home: Pest Control Handbook

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