Controlling weeds is a basic requirement for a neat garden, and Efekto offers a wide range of products, available in economical concentrates or ready-to-use formulations, to help you achieve a weed-free garden.

Types of weeds

Weeds are typically described as being narrow-leafed (grasses), broad-leafed or woody. Large weeds can often be easily removed by hand, but the use of an effective herbicide can eliminate hours of arduous weeding.

Before selecting herbicides, it’s important to find the most suitable product. Key factors to consider are:

  • Where the weeds are growing (eg paths, drives, borders).
  • Types of weeds present.
  • Whether land is required for growing purposes afterwards.
  • Time of year/growing conditions. Herbicides are very specific, and the selection and application must be done with extreme care. There are two types of herbicides, namely; Selective and Non- Selective herbicides.

Selective herbicides control certain types of weeds, either broad-leafed weeds or grass-like weeds. We recommend Efekto Hormoban APM, Efekto Turfweeder 457,5 SL, Efekto Banweed MCPA and Efekto No-Weed Lawn RTU. (All products containing APM salt are less volatile than other herbicides,

Non-selective herbicides control and kill all plant types with which they come into contact. We recommend Efekto No-Weed Paving RTU. Non-residual weed killers have little or no persistence in the soil and are therefore suitable for use where land is required for planting soon after application, but a residual herbicide remains active in the soil for several months, depending on climatic factors. While it continues to be active, weed growth is prevented. Efekto Snapshot can be used around shrubs and woody plants, preventing seeds from germinating in the soil and can last for up to six months.


These herbicides don’t stop weed germination, but rather interrupt the process before a sprout pushes through soil. A common example of a pre-emergent herbicide is Efekto Snapshot, which prevents seeds from establishing new weeds.

  • With pre-emergent herbicides, it’s vital to treat the entire area. If you miss a spot, weeds can sprout there.
  • Snapshot requires watering in. Why water it in? The water washes the active ingredients into the soil, where weed seeds lie waiting to germinate. That’s the reason for watering with a fine nose nozzle.
  • Use caution when applying preemergent herbicides to areas you plan to seed. Read the label carefully.


These herbicides tackle both perennial and annual broad-leaf weeds. Choose post-emergent herbicides to control existing weeds on a lawn or on paving. It’s an ideal herbicide for spottreating lone offenders.

  • Young, actively growing weeds die most easily and create less of an eyesore than mature weeds, which might require repeat applications for complete kill.
  • Inspect the lawn frequently – during mowing is an opportune time – to look for new weeds that have germinated and require treatment. Take a walk on the driveway and paths to see if there are weeds that need to be controlled.


For both pre- and post-emergent herbicides, timing is critical. While post-emergent herbicides kill weeds at any point in the growth cycle, you’ll be most successful spraying young, actively growing weeds. Mature weeds may require repeated applications for total kill.

With pre-emergent herbicides, you’ll want to apply the herbicide prior to the time weed seeds start germinating. Efekto Snapshot remains active in the soil for up to six months. Mixed borders and vegetables: If plants grow in very close proximity to weeds it may be necessary to treat some of the weeds with a spot treatment.


Referenced from Efekto , Green Fingers : Your gardening and product guide from Efekto

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