Homemade Elegance

Lay the table for a culinary feast this Christmas with moody hues of charcoal, red grapes as table decorations and soft candlelight. Bake your own sugar cookies, decorate with royal icing sugar and edible shimmer to adorn a dried branch instead of opting for mass-produced Christmas decor.

Wall colour: Fired Earth’s Matt Walls, in association with Rooms on View: #jo’burg

Marais café chairs: similar chairs available from www.decofurnsa.co.za, www.redapple.za.com

Other items: Stylist’s own

Bake your own sugar cookies, decorate with royal icing sugar and edible shimmer to adorn a dried branch. Libra shop twine, available from Builders.

A charcoal tablecloth and matt black plates create a dramatic backdrop for any meal. Add pretty napkins, a cookie and candlesticks for interest. Items: stylist’s own.

Farm To Table

Let harvest festivals be your inspiration for a rustic feast. Decorate your table with fresh fruit, pinecones and pine foliage. A dried Agave flower stalk, a longtime favorite as a Christmas tree alternative, is hung above the dinner table, and embellished with oven dried orange slices and cinnamon sticks. Lanterns and large candles create ambient light and compliments the earthy feel. Spray paint your pinecones gold for a touch of glam, using Rust-oleum’s Vintage Metallic warm gold, available from Builders.

Wall color: Plascon’s Geneva Morn (DC17-51)

The Libra shop twine, black candle lanterns and wooden hurricane lanterns (2 pack from Builders). Other items: stylist’s own.


Place orange slices on an oven rack, a non-stick baking mat or wax paper on an oven tray, at approx. 120°C for 2-3 hours. Turn 2-3 times.

If the entire family comes over for lunch, use disposable bamboo boats and wooden cutlery – they are attractive and from a renewable source.

Available from greenhome.co.za or westpacklifestyle.co.za. The sisal twine natural is from Builders.

Pot Plants And Copper Wire Lights

No need for a Christmas tree to create the festive feelgood vibes. Group your pot plants together, maybe add a small conifer and decorate the plants with copper wire lights. Use your white gumboots as a flowerpot and collect pinecones in a wooden crate for front door and patio appeal.

Red And Green

Simple yet festive, a red poinsettia gives instant Christmas appeal, available from Builders. Belgotex Duraturf DIY grass and small FDB plant stand, also from Builders. Bokkie vase from Gonk.

Summer Fresh

The all-white theme for Christmas gets a local twist with a dried Agave flower stalk as Christmas tree / cross made of dried Agave flower stalks against a petrol blue wall. Dainty copper wire lights bring in the festive season vibe.

African Christmas

Make your own proudly South African Christmas wreath with proteas and fynbos foliage. Start with a wire circle, 2mm thick binding wire works well, and use thin E-coil PVC wire to tie the foliage and flowers to the wire frame.

Colourful Gift Tape

Why use see-through gift tape when there are so many colourful and printed options available. Sellotape packaging tape 3 pack in festive colours, printed Glooit duct tape, available from Builders.

A Subtle Reminder

Tabletop size conifer trees with tinsel and pots wrapped in hessian, available from Builders, are a fuss-free way to invite Christmas into your home or office.


Amanda van Wyngaardt

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