We are becoming more and more aware of the earth’s dwindling resources and the global threats facing our ecosystems, and as a result ecofriendly gardening has become a high priority for many South African gardeners.

Green gardening

Many responsible gardeners are reverting to natural, indigenous gardens that are wildlife friendly, and opting for products that are non-toxic to birds and other creatures. Efekto has responded to the call for environmental sustainability by creating alternative natural and organic products in the plant protection and plant nutrition ranges. Efekto’s Natural Protection and ECO ranges include organic protection that reduces the rate of secondary poisoning.

Natural nutrition

Organic nutrition products degrade naturally into the soil, enhancing the soil structure and the health of the soil.
Nutrients contained in an organic fertiliser are released more slowly, reducing the risk of burning your plants and making nutrients available to the plants over a longer period of time.

Recommended products:
SeaGro Organic Plant Food, Wonder Kelp, Wondersol All purpose, Wonder Organic Bonemeal, Wonder Organic Compost Activator and Wonder Organic Granular Fertiliser Vita-Boost + C (8)

These products:

  • Have short withholding (safety) periods after application;
  • Do not remain active in the soil, plant or pest for a long period of time;
  • Break down quickly and are biodegradable;
  • Require regular and more frequent applications than non-organic products.

Recommended products:
Efekto Eco Fruitfly Bait GF120, Efekto Eco Fungimite, Efekto Eco Insect Control SC, Efekto Mole Repellent, Efekto Oleum.


Referenced from Efekto , Green Fingers : Your gardening and product guide from Efekto

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