A beautiful rose garden is one half knowledge and the other half dedication. Here are 10 top tips to get you started on the knowledge

  1. Choose the position of your rose garden carefully: roses need at least six hours of full sun to thrive.
  2. Plant roses with care, ensuring that the bud union (the area above the roots and below the branches) is just at ground level. This is vital because new shoots will not come out otherwise.
  3. Feed roses alternately with Vigorosa 5:1:5 one month and Wonder Vitaliser Rose & Flower 8:1:5 the next month. Write the date on your calendar so you don’t over fertilise and always be sure to spread it evenly around the drip area of the rose.
  4. Prune roses correctly once a year in July.
  5. Water deeply twice a week (more frequently if in containers) and mulch the roses with bark or straw to retain the moisture. Make sure the ground drains freely.
  6. Practise garden hygiene by picking up the leaves and rose petals around the roses as these breed germs. Cut off spent roses before the petals start to fall.
  7. Don’t let pests get out of hand. Spray regularly with a cocktail of insecticide and fungicide with liquid fertiliser such as Seagrow, Trelmix, or Nitrosol. Add a drop of dishwashing liquid to keep the mixture on the leaves. When mixing the cocktail, put the water into your spray bottle first so that the ingredients mix.
  8. Don’t cut off more than a third of the roses off one rose bush at one time.
  9. Use sharp secateurs that will not damage the stems. When cutting a rose, cut just above the bud where the leaf appears.
  10. Stake your roses and tie them up, especially in windy coastal regions.
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