Keep both your ornamental and edible gardens happy with these tips.

Ornamental garden:

  • Use the hose pipe and water all those drought-hardy plants that helped you save water throughout the summer.
  • Acid-loving plants with yellowing leaves need a mineral boost. Spray them with Trelmix and mulch with peat.
  • Control rose aphids by dosing plants with a systemic insecticide such as Efekto Aphicide or Kombat Aphids.
  • Prune all your overgrown shrubs, especially in temperate and subtropical climes.
  • Lightly prune roses towards the end of the month to encourage a wonderful autumn flower flush. Feed and mulch the bushes at the same time.
  • Continue feeding summer bulbs to enable them to store enough food to flower again.

Edible garden:

  • You can start sowing seeds for spring and autumn crops such as lettuce and onions.
  • Start preparing strawberry beds by digging in well-rotted kraal manure or compost and a few handfuls of general fertiliser.
  • Feed all deciduous fruit trees once the harvest is over and renew the mulch around their roots.
  • Feed lemon trees with 3:1:5 or an organic fertiliser and water regularly.
  • Potatoes can be dug up now, cleaned and stored.
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