Our DIY guy Andrew Donkin is a dab hand with a lawn mower. This is how he does it.

  1. Move pots and furniture off the lawn and remove any stones, chewed dog bones or other hard objects, as well as dog poop.
  2. Mow when the lawn is dry and use sharp blades.
  3. It’s best to mow often, giving the lawn a light cut each time. Drastic cutting leads to sunburn and ugly brown patches.
  4. If the grass is very long, cut it down in stages, removing one third of its length the first time, then cut a little lower two to three days later, and lower a few days later, until you reach the desired height.
  5. Don’t set your mower blades too low as stones and debris could fly up and injure you.
  6. For safety, keep at least 15 metres away from other people or animals while mowing.
  7. Mow from left to right so the clippings come to rest on the mown area and not the area still to be cut.
  8. Change the pattern of your mowing every few weeks for a healthier lawn and cleaner cut.
  9. To mow sections of lawn edged with bricks, paving or cobbles, simply place one wheel of the mower on the edging.
  10. Once you’re done, use manual shears, power shears or a line trimmer to trim the edges where the mower couldn’t reach.
  11. Don’t leave large objects on the lawn – in a matter of days they make ugly marks.
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