Need some lockdown entertainment? Make your very own DIY board game and keep the whole family entertained during lockdown!

You will need:

  • 305 x 22mm pine
  • 44 x 22mm pine
  • cut screws
  • Elastic bands
Cut timber to:

  • 1 x (305 x 22 x 600)
  • 2 x (44 x 22 x 600)
  • 3 x (44 x 22 x 260)

Step 1

Sand all the cut pieces.

Step 2

Cut a 40mm(W) x 30mm(H) slot in the centre of the middle piece.

Step 3

Secure the frame using the 35mm cut screws and then secure the centre piece in the middle. Followed by the base.

Step 4

Measure 40mm from each end corner and drive a screw half way in at each point.

Step 5

Hook a twisted elastic band between the two screws.

Step 6

Use a 33mm hole saw to cut 16 pucks and then sand them.

Let the games begin!


  • Each player starts with 8 pucks
  • First person to get all the pucks to the other side wins.
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