Where kids’ rooms are concerned, fun is where it’s at – so get the whole family involved in making this quirky storage unit.

Materials you will need

  • wood glue
  • 40mm cut screws
  • 60mm cut screws
  • 220 grit sandpaper
  • wood sealer (or varnish)
  • wood filler
  • paint
  • cordless drill, 3mm drill bit
  • tri-square
  • mitre clamp(s)
  • G-clamp(s)
  • pencil
  • measuring tape
  • sander
  • spatula
  • paintbrush or foam roller

Cutting List

  • 2400 x 455 x 20mm laminated pine shelving cut to:
    • two 800mm (sides – upright section)
    • two 288mm (top and bottom –upright section
  • two 1800 x 308 x 20mm laminated pine shelving cut to:
    • two 520mm (top and bottom – side section)
    • five 290mm (uprights)
    • two 288mm (top and bottom – small side cube)
    • two 248mm (shelves – upright section)
  • two 210mm Queen Anne-style legs (obtained from a cabinet fitting wholesaler)

Step 1 (optional)

Use vinyl to clad the inside of the sides, top and bottom as well as the shelves of the upright section before beginning construction.

Step 2

Now mark 20mm-wide bands at both edges of the four 288mm and two 520mm sections, and across the 800mm and 520mm sections where the uprights and shelves will be placed.

Step 3

Then drill evenly-spaced pilot holes between these lines, as shown.

Top Tip: Place an offcut piece underneath the timber you are drilling so it doesn’t split out and to prevent any damage to your work surface.

Step 4

Make up the frames: add a dab of glue along the edges, then use the 40mm cut screws to fix the ends as well as the shelves and partitions in place.

Note: Drive the screws about 5mm below the surface; these holes will be filled with wood filler later on.

Step 5

Place the two legs at the corners (underside of side section) and fix in place using the 60mm cut screws, as shown.

Step 6

Fix the components together in the configuration of your choice, using the 40mm cut screws.


Referenced from Gallo images / Home Magazine

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