Builders stores reduce their carbon footprint with a host of initiatives.

Natural lighting

The skylights in the newer Builders stores significantly reduce the amount of electricity used for lighting. Light-detecting sensors trigger LEDs when the natural lighting is not adequate. This saves an average of 180 000kWh of electricity a year.

Water conservation

Some 71 Builders stores around South Africa are harvesting rainwater, which is then used to irrigate the plants in the nursery. This has resulted in a saving of more than 7 000 kilolitres of water in the past year.

Waste management

The way to reduce landfill waste is to recycle. For Builders, this means making sure the secondary packaging – specifically paper, board and plastic – generated in stores and distribution centres ends up in the recycle bins.

Wise about wood

It’s essential to use wood from sustainable sources. All hardwood timber products sold in the stores have passed a sustainability screening process to ensure they are FSC certified.

Ozone friendly

When you feel air conditioning, breathe easily knowing it’s coming from units that do not emit greenhouse gases and therefore are ozone friendly.

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