Is your home fireproof? Consider these 12 precautions to help protect your family from fires at home.

  1. Identify potential fire hazards and remove them where possible.
  2. Install smoke detectors in your home.
  3. Never leave fires, candles or any naked flames unattended.
  4. Don’t leave children unattended around fires, candles or matches.
  5. Turn off your portable or gas heater before going to bed.
  6. If you have an open fireplace, ensure the fire guard is securely in place.
  7. Never smoke in bed.
  8. If you have gas, oil or coal-burning appliances, be aware that they can cause carbon monoxide poisoning. Ensure your home is properly ventilated and your equipment is in good working order. A gas detector can be a life saver. For insurance purposes you will need a valid gas installation certificate.
  9. Kitchen fires are among the most common, so keep a fire blanket and fire extinguisher handy. The fire blanket can be used to smother flames on the stove or on a person.
  10. Never leave pots with their handles pointing outwards, especially if you have
    children. They can easily be knocked or tipped.
  11. Don’t leave computers, cellphones etc on charge unattended.
  12. Keep emergency phone numbers on hand and make sure everybody in your household knows where they are and who to call.
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