Revitalising your kitchen needn’t mean a complete overhaul. Make small changes to get big results. Cleverly targeted updates can give the sense that a whole room has been refreshed.

Where to spend vs where to save

  • Spend on countertops: They take a beating, so you need hard-wearing quality.
  • Save on splashbacks: Traditionally expensive, but acrylic splashbacks are effective, affordable and easy to update, and have huge visual impact.
  • Spend on hinges and drawer runners: Constant use means constant wear – quality will prove the best investment.
  • Save on cabinet handles: Inexpensive handles can make a whole cabinet seem as if it has been updated, but splurging seldom makes a difference to the effect.
  • Spend on appliances: You’ll be using these every day for years on the go – it’s worth getting the best you can.
  • Save on gadgets. These are luxuries, which you can always put on your Christmas wish list.
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