Did you know that most ceiling fans have a winter mode? It’s true, and they can actually keep your home warmer!

How to use your fan in winter
Ceiling fans are not just for summer. In fact, most ceiling fans come equipped with a winter mode, which is a feature that can help save energy by reducing heating bills during the colder months.

During winter, hot air rises and collects near the ceiling while the cooler air sits near the floor. By reversing the rotation of the ceiling fan, the hot air is displaced and pushed outward and downward, resulting in a more evenly distributed temperature throughout the room. This means that instead of relying on heaters to warm up the room, the ceiling fan can be used to circulate the warm air that is already present, resulting in reduced energy consumption and cost savings. Used in conjunction with a heater, it will result in a more uniformly heated room, which means you can often turn your heater down a notch.

How to use your fan in winter

To check if your ceiling fan has a winter mode, look for a small switch on the hub of the motor. This switch changes the direction of the fan, so be sure to turn off the fan before flipping the switch or you will risk damaging it (it’s like putting a car in reverse while you’re driving forward). Some fans have the arrow facing up or down, which is the direction of the airflow, while others have the arrows facing left or right, which is the direction of rotation. You want your fan to be pulling the cold air up. Once the fan is in winter mode, it should be set to the lowest speed setting as high speeds are not necessary.

How to use your fan in winter
For those without ceiling fans, standing floor fans can also be used to similar affect by aiming them towards the ceiling so that they blow across the room and create comparable air movement.

By utilising the winter-mode feature on ceiling fans, homeowners can reduce their heating bills while keeping their homes warm and comfortable. This is just one of the many energy-efficient solutions that can be found at Builders, where a range of fans are available for purchase both in-store and online.

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