To maintain the beauty of your face brick home, turn to Fired Earth Brick Dressing.

Fired Earth Brick Dressing
Face brick homes are popular among homeowners due to their reputation of durability and low maintenance. Many believe that face brick eliminates the need for painting, but the truth is, proper maintenance is still essential.

Contrary to popular belief, all bricks are porous, even face brick ones. This means they can absorb moisture, leading to penetrating damp and other issues. During heavy rainfall, water can seep through the brick pores, causing damp patches on interior walls. In coastal areas, bricks and mortar can also absorb salt, leading to erosion and crumbling of the brickwork and mortar over time.

Fired Earth Brick Dressing

Fired Earth Brick Dressing is a solvent-based, clear gloss acrylic brick sealer that is resistant to both UV and abrasion. It is designed to penetrate, enhance and protect face brick, slasto and natural stone surfaces. It provides an additional layer of protection against moisture and salt absorption, preserving the beauty and integrity of your face brick home. It has excellent adhesion and abrasion properties, is easy to apply and dries fairly fast. In short, it’s exactly what your face brick home needs!

Fired Earth Brick Dressing
Before applying Fired Earth Brick Dressing, ensure that the walls are clean. Use a brush to sweep away dirt or gently scrub the walls with water, making sure they are completely dry before painting.

Stir the product well, using a paint stirrer or a flat stick to ensure proper mixing. Use a brush or an airless spray for application and allow the first coat to dry for at least four hours before applying subsequent coats.

Avoid using a roller or painting on extremely hot bricks, as this can cause bubbling.

Fired Earth Brick Dressing

When painting porous surfaces, mix 10 parts Brick Dressing with one part turpentine (that’s 100 ml per litre) for better penetration into small holes and cracks. Once mixed, paint it on and ensure you paint along the mortar joints and work the brush into the brickwork.

Note: Brick Dressing is not a waterproofing layer but a maintenance coating that enhances the natural colours of the bricks while providing a smooth, glossy finish. Multiple coats may be required, depending on the porosity of the surface.

Fired Earth Brick Dressing
While Brick Dressing can be used on interior brickwork, ensure proper ventilation during application due to its solvent-based formulation, and choose a sunny day for painting to facilitate quicker drying.

By investing in proper maintenance and using products like Fired Earth Brick Dressing, you can protect your face brick surfaces and enjoy the long-lasting beauty they offer.

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