We show you how to make candle lanterns from recycled tin cans.

Light up your life with these tin can lanterns

You will need:

  • tin cans
  • marker pen
  • nail

  • hammer
  • wire
  • spray paint
  • tealight candles

Step 1

Place the tin sideways on a soft cloth. Mark out a design out of of dots on the can with the marker.

Step 2

Use a nail to pierce the dot design on the can.

Step 3

Make two holes on the top of your tin can (1 on either side for your handle). Loop the wire through the holes.

Step 4

Spray the tin can and handle with even stroke, covering all areas. Allow to dry.

Step 5

You’re done! Pop in your tea-light candle and hang from a tree or place on your patio.

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