Here’s a handy hint that that will allow you to measure an inside corner with precision and all you need is a credit card, a clip and your tape measure.

Having exact measurements is crucial and we usually turn to the trusty tape measure. Measuring across a flat surface is easy and you can get a reading to the nearest millimetre on your tape measure. But things get trickier when measuring the inside of something where the tape measure can’t bend into a corner – it’s almost impossible to get an accurate measurement in this situation.

Luckily, we’ve got a simple trick to solve this quandary:


Using a foldback clip, clip a credit card to the tape measure close to the corner in question. With the end of the tape measure up against the other corner, slide the credit card along the tape measure until its edge is up against the corner being measured. Hold the credit card in place and carefully take the tape measure out from the corner. Straighten the tape measure and read where it lines up with the edge of the credit card that touched the corner – that’s the measurement you need.

We usually do this twice to doublecheck that we’ve got the measurement right. As they say, measure twice and cut once!

Another quick trick brought to you by the Builders workshop.

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