Using a good sander can elevate a DIY job from good to great. Einhell supplies two cordless sanders that make perfection a breeze.

Einhell Random Orbital and Mouse Sander
There are two golden rules amongst DIY enthusiasts: for the best results you need the right tools and the final finish of a job is all down to your sanding. Put those together and you realise how important a good sander is for your DIY projects.

Sanding timber is what gives it that beautiful smooth, warm finish – it gets rid of splinters and rough edges and it makes the surface smooth enough to take a paint, varnish, oil or sealant of your choice easily.

Einhell, the German tool company, has two cordless sanders in its armoury that make the final finish so easy to get right: the TE RS Random Orbital Sander and the TE OS Mouse Sander.

Einhell Random Orbital and Mouse Sander

The TE RS Random Orbital Sander is designed to fit a 125 mm sanding disc with an easy-fix velcro system. You can collect sanding dust in the dust bag or connect a vacuum for better dust management. The sander has a soft rubber grip that makes it comfortable to hold, gives better control and reduces user fatigue by absorbing vibration. The speed control dial is placed where your thumb sits, and the variable speed dial ranges from 1 – 6. This allows you to adjust the speed of the sanding foot rotation for a perfect finish.

Einhell Random Orbital and Mouse Sander

However, the sanding foot of the Random Orbital Sander is round, so you may need the nifty Mouse Sander for getting into corners and joins. Although you can use it for large flat surfaces, the sanding speed is slower than that of the Random Orbital Sander. It has been designed for more finicky jobs and the shape of the sanding foot is perfect for getting a smooth and uniform finish in hard-to-reach places and corners.

Both sanders use an 18V rechargeable battery, which means you can work remotely without worrying about cables or loadshedding. They are part of the Einhell Power X-Change Platform, which allows you to swap batteries between over 250 tools.

If you’re a DIY enthusiast looking for innovative power tools that simplify the job, the Einhell battery-operated power tools range might be perfect for you.

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