With over 250 tools in the range that can all use the same battery, the Einhell Power X-Change platform has all the DIY answers.

Einhell Power X-Change platform

If you’re a DIY enthusiast, you may have heard people talking about battery power platforms, but what does it actually mean for you? In simple terms, Einhell has created a
Power X-Change platform where the same battery can be used to power over 250 garden and power tools. This is designed in Germany.

The benefits of battery-operated tools are undeniable. With these tools, you don’t have to worry about tangled cables getting in the way or being limited by the length of the cable – and you don’t have to depend on mains electricity. With a battery-operated tool, the project does not go to the tool, the tool goes to the project, which means you can get the job done anywhere.

Einhell Power X-Change platform

Let’s talk about battery power. Within the Power X-Change platform, you get a 2.0, 4, and adjustable 5 – 8 amp-hour (Ah) battery. The 5 – 8 Ah battery can be changed by long-pressing the button and letting it count through its cycle. This increases the available power but will have a shorter run time, up to 60% less. This is great for use with high-demand and high-powered tools such as drilling with an impact drill driver into masonry with a large bit or long cuts with the circular saw. Think of this as a modern car with Eco mode, where we can reduce the power and extend the battery life. All of these are 18V batteries that are interchangeable, so a battery from one tool can be used with another Power X-Change tool. The charge time varies: the 2.5 Ah takes about 40 minutes, and the 5.8 Ah takes about 75 minutes.

The Power X-Change car battery charger is ideal for when you are on the go. Simply plug it into the car’s 12V outlet and it charges the battery to full capacity in just 70 minutes. The USB Charger is also a clever device that allows you to use a battery from your tools to charge a cell phone on the move, like a powerbank, showcasing Einhell’s innovative thinking.

Einhell Power X-Change platform
Let’s take a look at some of the tools within the Power X-Change range:

First up is the drill driver, which uses a 2 Ah battery and is ideal for drilling into wood, steel and plastic as well as fastening nuts and screws. What’s also special about it is that it has a chuck attachment that allows you to work at a 90° angle. There is also a cordless drill with a hammer function, which makes it particularly suited to drilling into masonry, along with other materials. Both of these tools can take a drill bit with a maximum size of 13 mm

The mini circular saw has an ergonomic design that makes it easy to control, as well as an adjustment to set the cutting depth. It has also been designed to make a plunge cut, making it a very useful power tool.

Einhell Power X-Change platform
The random orbital and mouse sanders are both well-built, with comfortable grips and good performance. If you want to get a smooth finish on your woodworking projects, a proper sander really comes in handy and with this pair of tools you can’t go wrong.

This is obviously only a small selection of Einhell Power X-Change tools, so if you’re a DIY enthusiast looking for innovative power tools with versatility and flexibility, it makes sense to buy into a platform such as this one. The Einhell Power X-Change system is available online from builders.co.za.

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