Things to do in the garden:
Add colour to balconies and patios with potted amaryllis bulbs. Use good-quality potting soil that drains well and pots that are just a little bigger than the bulb’s girth. Keep the pots in a warm, well-lit position and the soil moist.

Repot ferns into fresh potting soil and start feeding them every two weeks with a liquid fertiliser, mixed at half-strength.

Use commercial mulches such as wood chips, peach pips, pebbles, bark nuggets or organic material like leaf mould, compost, straw or even pine needles. Place these mulches as a layer around existing plants to curb pesky weeds. Just remember that they must be replaced regularly.

Start feeding hydrangeas to get them ready for blooming time in December.

Fertilise your cycads and cycas with an organic fertiliser.

Keep a look out for lawn caterpillars and mole crickets, which will be active from now until February.

Clean up succulents like echeverias and Kalanchoe thyrsiflora, which will have stopped flowering. Divide and replant the babies in other parts of the garden.

Shape citrus trees by removing excess growth and misshapen branches.

Sow flowering annuals like asters, celosias, coleus, cosmos, dahlias, impatiens, marigolds, nasturtiums, petunias, salvias and sunflowers in trays.

Rejuvenate existing groundcovers. Carpet-like groundcovers can become a bit patchy during winter. They can be renewed in the following manner: use a bulb planter or old tin can (with both top and bottom removed) to cut out the pieces of dead growth in a carpet of groundcover. Fill up the holes with fresh compost to which a little bonemeal has been added and plant new plugs, which are available in trays or which you have taken from another patch that is overgrown and healthy.

Apply 7:1:3 or an organic lawn fertiliser alternative for rapid leaf growth on the lawn.

Deadhead flowering bulbs and feed with liquid plant food.

Plant and move evergreen shrubs, conifers and trees and remember to water them well until firmly rooted in.

Verbenas beat the heat and need little water to survive. Plant for colour in full sun.

Spring Summer Garden Calendar - October
Spring Summer Garden Calendar - October
Spring Summer Garden Calendar - October
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