Things to do in the garden:
Keep an eye out for invasions by lily borers with their yellow and black stripes in plants like clivias, arums and agapanthus. These can cause huge damage and even kill off the plants. Catch them by hand to kill them or use a contact insecticide.

Fertilise like crazy as this is the most important spring chore. Select the appropriate fertilisers and apply at the recommended rate. Keep granular fertiliser away from the stems of plants and always water thoroughly after application.

As soon as the winter- and spring-flowering shrubs like Cape mayflower have finished flowering, prune them back. This simple rule allows the longest possible time for regrowth before the next flowering season.

Make use of old unmatched socks. Cut off the feet and slip the uppers over your wrists to protect your arms from small cuts when you work around or prune thorny plants like roses and berries.

Do a thorough spring clean of the garden: weed, dig in as much compost as possible, mulch bare soil.

Start planting begonias and impatiens in shade.

Attract birds to the garden with a bird feeder and bird seed.

Plant strawberries in hanging baskets and there will be no need to ridge up garden beds or worry about the fruit rotting on the soil. They will cascade over the edge for easy and quick picking. Make sure you fill the basket with a rich, well-draining potting soil and hang it in a sunny spot.

Your secateurs are going to be working hard soon. Give them a good clean, check the blades and, if necessary, sharpen them using a sharpening stone. If the blades are beyond help, buy a new set.

Invest in a plant propagator. Seeds or cuttings can be protected from the elements no matter the time of the year and success is much more of a certainty. A propagator acts as a mini greenhouse, keeping humidity up and creating a little ecosystem for the benefit of young plants and seed.

If the lawn has had enough water, cut on the highest blade setting. For new lawns start preparing the ground for seed sowing or laying turf.

Sow vegetable seed of bush beans, beetroot, brinjals, cucumbers, sweet peppers, peas, pumpkin and tomatoes.

Spring Summer Garden Calendar -september featured
Spring Summer Garden Calendar - September
Spring Summer Garden Calendar - September
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