Summer Loading - Painters Touch 2X

Nothing says summer quite like long lazy days outside on the patio. And getting your patio styled for summer, prepped for parties, alfresco dinning, or simply kicking back and relaxing, is easy with Painter’s Touch 2X.

Summer Loading - Painters Touch 2X

Create the look

What you’ll need:

  • Patio furniture – plastic wood, wire or metal
  • Wire brush and sandpaper #150
  • Lacquer thinners and soft cloth
  • Drop sheet
  • Bulls Eye 123 primer – spray on
  • Painter’s Touch 2X Gloss Coral, Painter’s Touch 2X Clear


Before you start painting, make sure you prepare your surface with a light sand to remove any peeling paint – you may need to use a wire brush for this step depending on the condition of the paint. Wipe clean with your soft cloth and dust and degrease with lacquer thinner. Protect your work area with your drop cloth and prime with Bulls Eye 123. Remember to shake the can for 1 minute after you hear the mixing ball begin to rattle.

Summer Loading - Painters Touch 2X

Top Tip

Never force dry your paint using fans, direct sunlight, heaters etc. Aerosol spray paint will cure far more evenly at ambient, consistent room temperatures and all good things come to those who wait.


Primer will dry in minutes and is ready to top coat in 30mins. As with the primer shake the Painter’s Touch 2X can for 1 minute mix the paint evenly. Hold the can upright, 30cm from your patio furniture, and spray using steady hand motions to avoid runs, slightly overlapping each stroke. Leave your furniture to cure before applying the second coat within an hour or after 48 hours.


Add the Painter’s Touch 2X clear top coat within an hour of the final top coat drying or after 48 hours.

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