An angle grinder is a powerful and versatile tool and going cordless makes them even more useful.

DEWALT Brushless Angle Grinder

Are you in need of a reliable angle grinder to make your work easier and more efficient? Look no further than the DEWALT Brushless Angle Grinder.

The DEWALT DCG406 Brushless Angle Grinder is a high-quality cordless tool that will quickly become a staple in your toolkit. Powered by DEWALT Flexvolt Advantage 18V lithium-ion batteries, this grinder can handle even the toughest jobs with ease, thanks to its standard 125 mm disc and no-load speed of 9000 rpm.

DEWALT Brushless Angle Grinder
Its adjustable disc guard and straightforward disc changes ensure user safety, while the additional handle allows for better strength control. The rubberised grip and conveniently located on/off switch make this grinder easy to use and its brushless design means minimal maintenance is required.

While sold without batteries and chargers, it is compatible with all DEWALT Flexvolt batteries, which will allow you to use what you already have if you’ve invested in the DEWALT system. The TSTAK box that houses the angle grinder keeps your tool safe from rolling around during transport. These boxes stack on top of each other to save space, too. Overall, this solid and well-built tool is designed for the long haul and will give you peace of mind that it will perform when you need it to.

DEWALT Brushless Angle Grinder
So, if you want a reliable and powerful angle grinder that can handle any job, the DEWALT Brushless Angle Grinder is the tool for you. Its ease of use, safety features and brushless design make it a top choice for contractors and discerning homeowners alike. Builders stocks a full range of power tools, both in-store and online at
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