Mirrors bring light and a sense of space into a room. Position them cleverly to make a room look bigger and give it depth. Here are a few ideas.

  1. Entrance hallways and passages are ideal places for mirrors as they are often in need of the extra light the mirror reflects.
  2. f you have a large wall, hang one big mirror to give a sense of space and depth to the room. Avoid hanging small mirrors on large walls as they get lost.
  3. Hang a collection of smaller mirrors arranged either symmetrically or in an interesting puzzle-piece fashion.
  4. Think of your mirror as if it’s a piece of art – so it needs to be carefully placed in the room, taking into consideration the position of light coming in from the windows and doors.
  5. Make sure your mirror frame and colour match the other pieces of furniture in the room. The mirror should be part of the décor scheme, not an afterthought.
  6. If you have a pretty garden, place a mirror opposite a window looking onto it so it can reflect the scenery and light into the room.
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