An LED light can give you’re a whole new premium feel at night and it’s easy to install too.

Upgrading your pool lights to LED
So, you’ve just moved into your new house with that enticing pool of which you’ve always dreamed. Your kids are thrilled, and you’ve maintained the crystal-clear water diligently, thanks to some help from Builders. Everything seems perfect until the sun sets and you realise – your pool light is not making your pool glow at (as it does in the pictures). Even worse – your pool light has blown a bulb and your pool is as dark as the night sky. It’s a real buzzkill and it can be a safety hazard, especially if your pool isn’t fenced in.

But don’t worry; there’s a bright solution to this problem. Upgrading your pool light to an LED option can be a game-changer, reducing your electricity costs and giving much better illumination.

The old-fashioned sealed lights emit a yellowish, old-fashioned light. Now, compare that to LED lights, which shine with a cleaner, crisper blue colour. The water in your pool acts like a magnifying glass for the light, making your pool appear bluer, cleaner and brighter.

Upgrading your pool lights to LED
Now, let’s get technical for a moment. Those old, sealed bulbs consume a significant amount of power, ranging from 75 W to 125 W. But inside the power box is a transformer that reduces the electrical voltage from 240 V to a harmless 12 V AC, which is what pool lights run on. Don’t fret about electrical AC current and water; 12 V AC won’t give you a shock. Nonetheless, it’s always good practice to turn off the power at the box before doing any work around the lights.

On the other hand, LEDs are incredibly energy-efficient, typically consuming just 6 W and leading to lower electricity bills.

The actual process of upgrading your pool lights is surprisingly straightforward. Start by removing the old light fixture by twisting and pulling it out. You’ll notice that the cable is joined with a simple chocolate block – simply undo the screws in it and remove the old light fitting.

Upgrading your pool lights to LED

It’s time to re-wire your new LED light, which is the above process in reverse. Depending on your preference, you can either replace the entire fitting into the housing or replace just the old bulb with an LED one. If your new LED light is similar in size to the casing embedded in the wall, it’s a straightforward swap. If you’re just swapping bulbs, it’s even easier.

Keep in mind that various brands and models of pool lights have been used over the years, resulting in different sizes of replacements. To ensure a perfect fit, take your old light with you to Builders when shopping for a replacement.

Some LED pool lights even offer colour-changing options, which you can cycle through by turning the light on and off rapidly. Plus, you can always opt for a solid blue light, which is the default setting when you switch the light on.

Please remember: if you’re not comfortable working with electricity, get a professional to do the job for you.

Whether you’re building a new pool or just need a bulb replacement, Builders has a range of pool lights available in-store or online at

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